The Sureshine
One Day Garage Floor System

How it works:

Sureshine arrives bright and early and grinds the surface to expose a profile on your concrete floors that will allow the epoxy to adhere to its full bond strength. We call this surface prep and it is the most important part of the service. Proper preparation prevents poor performance of your new garage floor.

We roll out the base coat on both the stem walls (if necessary) and the floor and broadcast your chosen chip color into the basecoat in a full broadcast. A full broadcast is complete coverage of the basecoat with flake chips.

This provides a beautiful uniform appearance and is the second layer of protection in this three-layer system. Our system cures in 2 hours and is ready to top-coat.

After the flake is dry and cured we are able to remove excess flake. We then scrape the surface to remove sharp points. The resulting floor is smooth enough to walk in bare feet and textured enough not to be slippery. After we are satisfied that the newly flaked surface is detailed we roll out the top coat and it gives the surface a nice gleam that will last for years.

Your garage is ready
for service in 48 hours.

Your garage is full of stuff? It’s time to clean house!

Prior to our arrival all items must be moved from the garage floor. Sureshine can move items for an additional cost. Please ask you sales person to estimate the cost of moving items.

Sureshine recommends using a Pod storage container to store you personal items during the service. We recommend that you leave your items off your garage floor and do not drive on it for 24 hours.


Cracks and holes must be filled level prior to the application of any garage floor epoxy system. Sureshine fills cracks using the recommended polyurea product from our manufacturer. Filling cracks and holes is an additional charge. A good rule of thumb for crack filling is $10 per linear foot. Occasionally is the crack is large an epoxy system may be the right choice. If you have a lot of cracks, please give us a call to discuss your options.

Oil Stains?

Oil stains can cause epoxy to fail. If your floor has heavy staining, Sureshine can not provide an adhesion warranty because latent petroleum can react adversely and reduce the bond strength of epoxies. Oil stains must be treated with a poultice to break them down. If water thrown on the floor separates or beads on the stain, your garage is not suitable for an epoxy system

Color chart for garage Floors

Sureshine Proudly uses:


Limited Lifetime Adhesion Warranty requires 9lbs per square foot of vapor pressure or less. Lifetime warranty requires a vapor test. Most customers choose not to perform the vapor test unless they have visible signs of moisture in the slab. Signs of moisture include:

  1. Degraded areas of the slab
  2. Areas of darkness in the slab
  1. White salts on the surface
  2. Darkness under items sitting on the slab

Sureshine can perform a vapor test for you for $450.00.

If you elect not to perform a vapor test, Sureshine will still warranty your new garage floor epoxy for one year though it we are confident that it will provide you long lasting value.

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