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Hospitality and Entertainment

Marble floors are one of the hardest materials to keep looking great in any high trafficked area. We have found that much of the damage that occurs is not the result of guests and more a result of overspray from cleaning chemicals. Toilet and sink cleaners, some glass and metal cleaners, and other abrasive materials can have serious effects on the condition of your marble.

Marble Vanity Refinishing

You have beautifully installed and polished marble vanities and intend to keep them that way. But the constant borage of use from guests as well as your maintenance staff has slowly degraded the shine and clarity of the surfaces. After our Refinishing projects, the most common question that we are asked is, “How long will my counters stay shiny and pretty like this?”

Surface Refinishing and Restoration

Do you have a project that requires our services on a larger scale? Sureshine will refinish large surfaces of natural stone and concrete in areas up to 250,000 square feet. We have completed projects in Malls, Hotels, Commercial Buildings, and Industrial Facilities. In 2007, Sureshine completed a major marble wall restoration project in Downtown Los Angeles. 

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