Our Company

Customer Service

Surveys conducted over the past 5 years say:

  • 95% of customers say they will use our services again.
  • Of those 99% said we can use them as a referral.
  • 98% of customers said our technicians worked in a clean workmanlike manner.
  • Overall customer service: 4.87/5.00
  • Overall Rating of our services: 4.78/5.00

Dedication to Customer service has been our greatest focus since our inception. Our project managers answer the phone, schedule appointments, and are empowered to handle most customer service issues on on the spot. If you have a problem, our project managers will solve it, or schedule a visit from a technician or owner at your request.

Save Money

During sales presentations as well as during projects, questions arise on how to keep your floors looking good over the long term. We consider it a matter of upmost importance for us to educate you on the proper maintenance of your treated surfaces. We carry high quality maintenance products that have been made in the USA and are designed to keep your treated surfaces looking great. In most cases following simple maintenance instructions can save you thousands by extending the useful life of your floors and reducing the need for our professional services.

You should not have to get your floors cleaned or polished every year. The frequency depends on your household, your surface, and the methods you use to maintain your floors. Those methods may be different if you are one of two adults living in your home as opposed to a family of five with a golden retriever. We have developed maintenance methods for every situation and each is designed to save you dollars in the long run and keep your floors looking great during that time.

Job Quality

Our salesmen are highly trained and qualified stone technicians themselves. This enables them to perform correct evaluations and provide competitive proposals for the work to be done, which is clearly indicated on your type written proposal. Our technicians use that same proposal in the performance of your project. Nothing is left out. Our commitment to customer service is written directly on our contract. It’s called our Sureshine Service Guarantee:

Sureshine Care and Restoration Services, Inc. guarantees all work to be completed as indicated. If you are not satisfied call our office and we will return to remedy the situation at no obligation or additional cost.

Our dedication to job quality is reflected in our Service Guarantee. Our technicians perform your job correctly the first time or will return at no charge or obligation. We will ask you to review our work upon completion and fill out a customer service form.

At Sureshine we create customers for life.

Thank you for your consideration,
The Sureshinecares.com team.