Is your granite counter cracked?

How is it happening and what can be done?

The crack across your sink is not a unique problem. We estimate that there are more than 100,000 cracked counters in Southern California at this moment. Your crack was caused by the use of a steel rod that was put in your granite counter as reinforcement. A slot, a little over a ¼ inch was cut into the back side of your counter and a thin piece of steel was dropped in and covered with resin during the fabrication of your counter. The resin was then sanded flush with the counter. Over time the resin breaks down when exposed to water and the rod begins to rust. The rusting rod expands up to 30%, slowly pushing the granite apart. Usually, the rod expands in a localized area, so removing the rod in the cracked area will save your counter and provide years of useful life.

Removing the rusting rod is the key to saving your counter.

Granite Crack repairs can occur two ways:

During your repair, we identify the parts of the counter where the rod must be removed and either break or cut in that area. It’s not always possible to know exactly what is happening with the rusting rod until we take your counter apart. Often, during the repair, we discover additional areas that must be removed to prevent future damage and we take care of that at that time. It is not always possible to remove the entire rod. Most steel rods are either 36 or 48 inches. We remove the areas that are rusting and cover the cut, exposed pieces with epoxy to limit further exposure to moisture.

The rusted rod after the sink rail is opened up.

Using the correct Adhesives will make your repair last much longer

Your Sureshine technician will carefully cut or break your sink rail in such a way that they can reassemble it using high strength epoxy and urethane adhesives after the rod is removed. This is the key to longevity. Epoxy and Urethane adhesives are water and UV resistant. This means that once the rail is reassembled, whether it is inside, outside, or underwater, your repair will last. It will not break down or come apart. The cost difference between Urethane and normal stone adhesives used is 8:1.

You should be aware that most stone adhesives used in the field are not appropriate for Granite Crack Repairs. Many stone adhesives used today are the same adhesives used to glue the rod into the counter. Urethanes and Epoxies are much more expensive compared to Polyesters and Acrylics. While we use all types of adhesives, Sureshine uses only the strongest structure Epoxies and Urethanes when reassembling your sink rail. This allows us to stand behind our warranty. We warranty your granite repair for one year from the date of repair, but we believe that a properly repaired counter will never break again and will not need maintenance for three to five years.

This repair is from 2018 and still looks this good

Cracks happen on both sides of the sink

The following video details what you can expect from a front crack repair.

Services that we provide for Granite include:
  • Stain Protection
  • Stain Removal (Poulticing)
  • Detail Clean & Seal
  • Polishing
  • Scratch Removal
  • Repairs
Always Remember to use a cleaner that says “Safe for Natural Stone Surfaces” when cleaning your counters. The use of a EasyOxy Stone and Multi-surface Cleaner and Ultimate Polish Protector as needed will help to provide long lasting protection for your granite counters. visit our sister company at for more information on keeping your stone surfaces looking great

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