MORE™ AntiEtch™ For Marble Counters

Finally, a marble counter sealer that prevents etches!

Sureshine’s exclusive No-etch marble counter sealer powered by MORETM AntiEtchTM  is available for all kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, slab tub decks, and other areas that can be etched by citrus, household cleaners, and other liquids.

See the results in the video below. You will not be disappointed by this service!


Can the product protect my kitchen counters?

Yes, we use MORE™ AntiEtch™ to provide long-lasting etch protection on kitchen counters as well. Due to the complexities of the application of MORE™ AntiEtch™ to kitchen counters the cost is calculated per square foot.  If you are fed up with etches and stains on your marble kitchen counters, call us today to discuss the application of this durable, long lasting product.

Once applied we warranty your new MORE™ AntiEtch™ surface for 10 years against stains and etches. 

How is it done?

Our No-Etch marble sealer is powered the MORE™ AntiEtch™ UV cured coating.

The surface is prepared for the sealer by sanding to allow the system to bind to the counters. A carefully measured and prepared batch of sealer is applied and cured using our proprietary UV technology. The curing takes just a few seconds. Once cured our team sands the surface to your desired finish.

The resulting surface is as hard as marble and the finish is the same as your existing counters but will never etch.

Can I have any finish?

Yes, you can duplicate your existing finish or change the finish to your liking. The most popular finishes for our No-etch sealer are Polished (high gloss) and Matte (Low-No Shine). Either way you decide, the surface will not etch so you will not see those unsightly stains from soaps, cosmetics, or household cleaners.

How long does it take to apply this cool new No Etch Sealer?

Most counters will take one day if the counters are ready to go when we arrive.

Is the product application and use safe?

Yes, the sealer is water-based, very low odor during the application, and the resulting cured surface is completely non-porous preventing germs and bacteria from being harbored by the counter. Use your favorite cleaners to remove all residues.

How do I prepare for the service?

All we need is the counters cleared like any other refinishing service and the fixtures removed. We recommend using a licensed plumber for removal of the fixtures. Sureshine does not perform plumbing work. The fixtures can be reinstalled immediately after we complete the counters.

Is there a warranty for this service?

Yes of course! Sureshine is so confident that this surface will last that we will guarantee you etch free counters for ten years. We think they will last much longer though. Keep in mind that the surface will have the same hardness as the marble so some scratching can occur. Scratching and other damage done to the coating is not covered by the warranty. We can do a quick polish for you when you need it, but we are confident that you will just forget that you have sensitive counters and live your life.