Tile and Grout Cleaning

Keeping your tile and grout floors clean can be a daunting task. Over time you mop your floors and spot clean spills and no matter how many time you clean your floors, the gout lines seam to get dirtier. This is a common problem and Sureshine has the solution. We use a hot water extraction method to thoroughly clean and sanitize your tile and grout floor surfaces.

Our method is beyond thorough, we use 240 degree water and just enough pressure to loosen and extract the soiling from your grout and tile. We then clean all of the edges, under toe kicks, around doorways, and other areas of your tile floors that are hard to reach.Once your tile and grout surfaces are clean and dry you have two sealer types to choose from.
  1. Clear Sealer: is a premium penetrating grout sealer that sinks into the grout and once cured, locks out stains for years. This is the most common choice when discussing sealers.
  2. Color-Sealer: is a premium urethane grout sealer that can be color matched to your liking. Cement grout can have tonal differences in color when cleaned. This occurs from original curing as well as exposure to water and other cleaning chemicals over time. Our color-sealer takes care of these tonal difference by creating a seamless look from wall to wall to wall. Most of the time color sealer is not necessary but does guarantee a perfect looking grout.
Color Sealer installed by Sureshine is warrantied not to stain for 5 years. This warranty is limited to staining and does require periodic maintenance cleaning by Sureshine.

Bathrooms – Showers, Counters, & Small Surfaces

We use sanitizing industrial vapor cleaning technology when cleaning showers, counters, and some small floor surfaces. When others use a scrub brush, chemicals, or pressure washing; Sureshine uses sanitizing vapor. This is the same technology used in hospitals and other chemical sensitive facilities for cleaning and sanitizing.

Our vapor cleaners kill bacteria, mold, and other microbes on contact and cut through heavy scaling and buildup that other cleaning methods do not even affect. Our vapor cleaners have been tested to kill 99.89% of microbes with 7 seconds of exposure and virtual eradication with 30 seconds of exposure to our steam system. Scientific reports available upon request.

Tile and grout shower cleaning

What does this mean for you?

Quality of Life: First you will not be exposed to heavy chemicals during the project. While a single chemical exposure does not harm most healthy people, we feel that if we can reduce the exposure as much as possible it adds to the long-term quality of life for both our customers and our employees.

Faster Projects: Our investment in vapor cleaning technology reduces the time necessary for our technicians to be in your home. This allows us to finish our job faster and your family to go on with your busy schedule.

Job Quality: Our vapor cleaners kill the microbes on your tile and vaporize the dirt in your grout and tile surfaces. When we are finished we can confidently say that the dirt is gone. If your grout is discolored, stained, or damaged under the dirt we have removed, we can then discuss replacement or patching. Our only goal is to provide the most value to you as possible.

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Services that we provide for Tile & Grout include:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Detail Clean & Seal
  • Stripping
  • Grout Re-coloring (as possible)
  • Repairs.

We apply Stain Protection to your grout to help in the event of spills and make it easier to clean in the future. Use our easy to follow customized maintenance suggestions and your floors will stay cleaner, longer.

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