Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing

The beauty and ease of maintenance of polished concrete have been becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and businesses. A concrete floor is a blank canvas. Whether you add travertine, Ceramic, or decorative stains and polishes directly to the floor, you are in control. Old floors tend to have some imperfections, however many of these can be overcome and seen to add character to the finished look.

Concrete Polishing includes

  • Surface Prep
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Densifier
  • Guard
  • Staining and Color treatments
Sureshine has been polishing concrete and terrazzo for decades. We performed our first polishing project in 2003 and have since done hundreds of large and small concrete polishing projects including some large malls in Southern California. Over the years as the concrete polishing industry has matured and come out with numerous shortcuts to a polish, we have held fast to our commitment to creating real long-term value for our concrete polishing customers. Because of our endless pursuit of long-term customer value, Sureshine has not adopted recent less expensive shortcut methods to get to a polish. The process described below detail the steps necessary to provide a highly reflective long-lasting finish to your concrete floors.

Surface Prep • Grinding • Polishing

The concrete surface prep process is just as it sounds. Concrete surface prep includes the filling and preparation of cracks and holes to match the existing surface as possible as well as the removal of carpet glue, black mastic, and anything else that is on the surface. Occasionally, surface prep can include the removal of carpet and other debris from the surface, but it is always less expensive to hire a demolition and removal contractor for that type of service.

Concrete Polishing is the process of refining the surface to the desired level of shine. This is where the concrete surface is profiled from a rough starting condition to a smooth and highly polished finish. This process is performed using successive diamond grits and pads to achieve the highest level of shine attainable for your surfaces.

Densifier and Guard

Densifier is applied to react with the surface and create a hard, highly durable and maintainable finish. Sureshine uses one of two high-quality densifiers depending on your needs. While this service is not required, it is highly recommended for you to achieve a finish that will last.

Guard has become an industry-wide norm for protecting the finished surface from both traffic and acid-containing liquids. While guard will not prevent etching, it does slow it down and will usually provide time to remove a spill from the surface. Guard can be requested for any concrete polishing project at an additional cost.

Staining, Color Treatments, and other Decorative treatments

You have the option to create truly decorative beauty with your concrete surfaces. Whether its applying color, cutting or embossing your logo into the material, your surface is limited only by your imagination. Send us pictures and ideas and we can provide a budget number.

Services that we provide for Concrete and Concrete based terrazzo include:
  • Stripping
  • Concrete Grinding (Surface Prep)
  • Densification (Retroplate)
  • Refinishing
  • Polishing

For a free customized evaluation and proposal of all of your terrazzo and decorative polished concrete needs, please call us or go to the Evaluation Request form so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.

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