Saltillos & Mexican Pavers

Your Saltillos lend an old world feel to your home. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain by applying waxes and polishes for many years. And now you can see the build up. You can see the evidence of many coats of wax. The grout lines have become black and the tiles seam to have darkened. This is the aging sequence of your saltillo tiles. Somewhere along the way the surface went from looking antiqued and beautiful, to aged and unsightly.

Sureshine has been helping homeowners return their saltillos to at or near the original look for years. You can literally start over and have that beautiful antiqued look back. And as time goes by your floors will age naturally again.

Services that we provide on Saltillos and Mexican Pavers include: Stripping and High Gloss Finish, Stripping and Low Gloss Finish, Stripping and Apply Stain Protection, Stripping, Detail Clean & Seal, Color Enhancer, Grout Re-coloring, Some Repairs
We can provide helpful tips to reduce the need for our services again and can be on call to answer any saltillo related question you might have. Some services for this surface qualify for our Fast Answers self evaluated proposal. Get started with Fast Answers and have your proposal in minutes.
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