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Orange County Granite Repair

This crack is caused by a rusting steel rod set into the underside of the granite counter. While a common occurrence, this phenomenon is attributed to moisture, movement in the sub-top, leaning against it, Poor material selection, poor workmanship, improper installation, the list goes on. What is actually happening here is a little surprising. The… Read more »

Great Tips on Travertine Shower Care

When caring for your travertine shower it is important to remember a few simple rules. Water is the enemy of travertine, especially polished travertine. Water carries soap and other particulates into the stone and dries leaving them behind to become soap scum. The resulting moisture left behind by water can allow mold and mildew to grow on the surface… Read more »

How to use the Sureshine Fast Quote Tool

With the Sureshine Fast Quoting Tool, you can have a quote for services for any flooring, hard surface, in less than 4 minutes. Like all great service companies, Sureshine does have a small minimum charge for small projects. If you think that your price for your smaller project is out of line, please give us… Read more »

Choosing Your Stone Care Provider

Your home is your canvas. You have created a living space that makes you feel comfortable and safe. The use of color has given you the freedom to express yourself. Your furniture is tasteful, plush, or ornate. Your home is a reflection of you. But one aspect seems to be waning. One small part of… Read more »

Marble is Not Scary! – Article in Stone Business by Cameron DeMille

Straight From the Shop – Stone Business Magazine. For the last decade, marble hasn’t been all that popular as granite became more affordable than ever. Granite’s ease of maintenance and scratch resistance made it easy for buyers to leave marble in the dust. The momentum is swinging back, though, as more customers are asking for… Read more »