To Polish or Not to Polish Natural Stone

Polishing Travertine and Honing Marble

Our teams worked hard this past weekend to change the finish for two customers. One customer wanted us to polish her travertine entry floor from a matte or honed finish to a high shine. We do this using our refinishing diamonds and polishing powders. It’s a natural refinishing and polishing method similar to what happens in the processing factory before polished tiles are shipped.

Travertine stone restoration and polishing

Here is our process in action.

Travertine polishing process

The final polish in action in which we use fine abrasive polishing powder to increase the depth and clarity of the refinished surface. The area on the other side of the machine is polished.

Stone restored to high polish.

This surface is polished. The team is not buffing off sealing residue and polishing edges as necessary to blend with the existing finish.

When polishing and restoring natural stone, we work hard to create a natural-looking shine, one that looks like it just belongs in your home.  This customer is selling their home and wants to wow perspective buyers with this high reflective, clean look.  She said she wished she did it last year so she could have enjoyed the new look more.

The final polish looks terrific.

Polished and sealed travertine

The results of restoring this travertine floor to a high polish. All that is left is to fill the holes and detail to remove all residues.

Our other team took a Polished finish to a Matte Finish

We had another project in Huntington Beach where the customer wanted the reverse performed on his kitchen marble counters. Instead of polished marble he wanted a more easy to take care of finish. The team at Sureshine honed this clients marble to a beautiful consistent matte finish using diamond abrasives. It takes a long time and great care to create a matte finish from a polished finish properly. Many other companies use acid to take the shine away. While acid will create a honed or matte finish, Sureshine relies on traditional abrasive methods that will not strip minerals out of the surface.

The team did a terrific job delivering this clients newly honed counter. Check them out below.

Polished marble counters

This is the before picture showing the high polish of these counters. If you look carefully you can see deep etches caused by citrus and other liquids.

Matte Honed Marble Counters

The after picture shows the huge difference in the shine. The result is a softer look that will not easily show the etches and other damage that may occur over time.

If you have a need for any type of stone restoration services or just have questions, please give Sureshine a call at 800-378-0266. Project Managers are here from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer your questions and/or schedule an estimate.



I have a stain on two adjacent 12″ honed carrera tile is my bathroom. I have tried stain remover annd nothing is working. Can the stains be roved by sanding. The stain is a
dye. Or do i need to replace the two tiles? the floor is 10 years old and needs a refinsh/cleaning which Im sure you can do. It s small bathroom 6×6″


You can use a hydrogen peroxide poultice to break down many dyes. You can also use a bleach poultice.


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