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Care for your marble and stone floors

When caring for your Marble Floor it is important to remember a few simple rules. Water is the enemy of marble, especially polished marble.  Water carries dust and other particulates into the stone and dries. This causes the dark soiling to accumulate in the small holes and grout. When this happens, professional cleaning is needed… Read more »

Natural Stone Cleaning Project

This project consisted of cleaning three different surfaces including honed travertine floors, tile and grout, and exterior tumbled travertine flooring. The honed travertine floor was extremely soiled and lightly coated with a gloss acrylic coating. Heavy streaking and other evidence was evident, but the homeowner insisted that they had been there since the installers sealed… Read more »

Marble Polishing Project Video

Sureshine recently completed a residential floor refinishing project in South Orange County. The customer’s marble floor was stripped, refinished, and polished to perfection. Please check out the video. If you hang on until the end you can see just how thrilled our customer is. Residential marble refinishing, marble polishing, marble stripping.

Marble is Not Scary! – Article in Stone Business by Cameron DeMille

Straight From the Shop – Stone Business Magazine. For the last decade, marble hasn’t been all that popular as granite became more affordable than ever. Granite’s ease of maintenance and scratch resistance made it easy for buyers to leave marble in the dust. The momentum is swinging back, though, as more customers are asking for… Read more »